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Car Consignment

CarMart OC Auto Consignment Program

Selling a used car can be a very hard task. If you’re like most people, you like to have the most money for your vehicle, but you don’t have much time on your hands to deal with the hassle of selling it. We make the process easier by choosing our auto consignment program, which offers the best of both worlds: more $ than a dealership trade-in and less hassle than selling it yourself. When selling a used vehicle, selling thru us always will generate more money than selling or trading in to a dealership. Unfortunately, selling a vehicle yourself comes with lots of hassles, obstacles and some risks that most people would prefer to avoid.

Auto consignment, a growing trend in the used car market, provides the value of the private market without the hassles related with sell by owner used car market.

There are several advantages to consigning your car instead of selling it yourself. We have gathered these advantages into below main categories that used vehicle owners should keep in mind when considering auto consignment: less time and effort, more resources and expertise, better security with no risks. Here are some advantages of auto consignment related to time and effort.

(1) You’d rather spend your valuable time elsewhere.

Selling a car yourself often requires you to take time off from work, find a safe meeting place, and use your valuable free time waiting for a potential buyer to show up. CarMart OC, an all indoor, bonded and insured CA dealership, on the other hand, has a retail location with regular business hours that makes it easy for buyers to view your car.

We also employ a staff dedicated to handling the unusual schedules of potential buyers so that you can focus on work, enjoy your free time with friends or family and be confident that your car is getting maximum exposure to buyers while stays indoor away from weather elements.

(2) You are too busy to manage buyer inquiries.

Our all indoor dealership is open 6 days a week to handle any buyer inquiries, which can be frequent and time consuming. Most buyers will have a big list of questions that they’ll want answered before they even come and see a car. They may want a mechanic to take a look at it. They may want specific pictures sent to them or warranty information. They will also ask about trade in values and financing availability.

Our dealership is staffed to handle all buyer questions and issues so that you don’t. Once a qualified buyer is identified, our team will do all the prep work to make sure your car is ready so it will make the best possible impression in the nation, yes our market is the nation.

(3) You don’t want to do all the work required to prepare and market your vehicle.

Buyers are shopping your car against other cars, some of which are being sold by dealers that are expertly trained to sell. CarMart OC will expertly prepare your vehicle for sale, including safety and smog checks, full showroom detailing, professional photography, and well-written listings on all the major car-buying websites including CarGurus.com, Autotrader.com, Carfax.com, TrueCar.com, CarsForSale.com, Facebook Market Place, Instagram and 100s of micro-sites. CarMart OC has trained staff along with personal attention from the owners to ensure your car is presented professionally to even the most discerning buyers, so you won’t lose any sales opportunities.

CarMart OC auto consignment program costs you absolutely nothing. No upfront fees, if we can’t sell your car you pay us nothing (except some reconditioning cost if it was needed on your vehicle).

What To Bring
  • Vehicle title or lien payoff statement.
  • Valid driver’s license or ID of registered owners
  • All keys and fobs.
  • Current vehicle registration.
  • Current vehicle insurance.
  • Copy of vehicle title if on hand
Consignment Process

We’ll walk you through how to best price your car so that it’s attractive to buyers and you feel good about the number.

Prepare Your Car
We safety check, smog, inspect, detail, & take pictures so your car looks it’s best for potential buyers.

We put you car on all the major sites like Car Gurus, Auto Trader, Carfax, TrueCar, CarsForSale, Facebook, Google, YouTube and of course our own – so your car gets maximum exposure.

Manage Buyers
We answer buyer questions 24/7, schedule showings, go on test drives, & negotiate on your behalf. Don’t worry you always have a final say on the sales price; we just do all the work in the meantime.

Get Paid
Once your car sells, we send your money directly to your bank account or you can stop by to pick up your check any time.

Seller FAQ
If you have a vehicle to sell, you’ve traditionally had two choices: (1) sell to a dealer, which can be convenient but generally leads to a low price; or (2) sell it yourself, which can generate a higher price than trading-in but is a time-consuming hassle that involves dealing with strangers. At CarMart OC, you get the best of both worlds: more money for your vehicle than trade-in without the hassle of selling it yourself. Our consignors make more than wholesale trade-in value, and we do all the work. We are also an all indoor showroom dealership, your vehicle stays indoor away from weather damage such as sun, rain, winds or hail and stays clean until it is sold. Unlike other outdoor dealerships we do not have to do line washes 3-4 times a week, conserving thousands of gallons of water by being environmentally friendly while keeping the shiny showroom look on your vehicle at all times.
Just bring us your vehicle, and we’ll help you pick the selling price. We inspect, safety and smog check, detail, and photograph your vehicle so it looks its best for potential buyers. We then list it for sale on our website and major vehicle buying websites like including CarGurus.com, Autotrader.com, Carfax.com, TrueCar.com, Google, Facebook Market Place, Instagram, Youtube and 100s of micro-sites. In addition, we stage it for sale at our indoor showroom, which is located in high-traffic retail area. We manage buyer inquiries 24×7, conduct test drives after we qualify buyer, collect payment safely from the buyer when we sell it, and do all the DMV paperwork. Once your vehicle sells, we cut you a check.
Awards & Recognition

A+ Rating by BBB

TOP of the LIST of “ THE BEST 10 USED CAR DEALERSHIPS in OC” by Yelp.com with a perfect 5.0 star rating for 6 consecutive years, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

TOP RATED DEALER award from CarGurus.com with 4.76 star average in top 300 dealerships in the US for 6 years, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

"2013 CA QUALITY DEALER" by Automobile Services Company
Every situation is different, as pricing, condition, and supply of similar vehicles all impact the sales process, but the typical CarMart OC vehicle sells in about 30 days. We promote all vehicles aggressively nationwide, follow up on buyer questions 24×7, and offer easy financing options, ensuring we sell your vehicle as quickly as possible. Our consignment agreement can be done minimum term of 45 or 60 days
We are experts at pricing vehicles. We’ll price based on real-time sales listings on all major auto listing web sites for similar vehicles, auction sales data, and trusted vehicle pricing sources like KBB or JD Powers so we can get the most $ for your vehicle.
Of course! Many of our sellers’ lease or have outstanding loans on their vehicles, which is one of the reasons they call us. We obtain more value for the vehicle to pay off loans or leases and hopefully a little leftover. Once we sell your vehicle, we will pay the lease or lien off directly and write you a check for any difference.
Yes, we ask that you leave your vehicle with us because it meaningfully increases your chances of a successful sale. Our online marketing efforts will drive nationwide exposure for your vehicle, but our retail location are in high traffic area that receive a significant number of local walk-in customers. Having your vehicle available for sale in our all indoor showroom makes it easy for prospects to view, test drive or video walk around for maximizing sale opportunities. We can not accept consignments if you can not leave your vehicle with us.
We take $0 up-front listing fee and we do all the work such as; prepare and market the vehicle for sale, including full inspection with safety and smog check, a complete showroom type of interior and exterior detail, CarFax and AutoCheck history reports, over 40 professional photographs, detailed description with options, a walk around video, manufacturers window stickers (Monroney Labels) and various online classified listings. After we sell your vehicle, we take a 10% capped at $2,500 max success fee directly from the sales proceeds. For example if you bring us your $48,000 vehicle and we retail it it will cost you $2,500 max.
Any vehicle sale price over $50,000 - $100,000 our flat fee is $3,500. Vehicles over $100,000 our fee is 5%. There is no sale fees or upfront fees. If we can’t sell it costs you $0.
To get started, we will need a copy of driver’s license for all registered owners, a current registration, proof of insurance, title (or lienholder information, if applicable), all keys/fobs, and any available service records. If title on hand we would like to keep a photo copy in the deal jacket. We will get original title after the vehicle is sold.
Yes you do. CarMart OC has proper insurance coverage for every vehicle in our possession but if you cancel your insurance before it was sold DMV would suspend your registration which will cause title transfer and reassignment issues and possible penalties.
You could, but we do handle renewals in our business office if needed since we do have Authorized Business Partnership License (BPA) with CA DMV we offer this service free of charge to our consignors. (DMV filing fees apply)